Each year, HKYWCA organizes different activities to raise funds for our social services. In addition to the enthusiastic participations from our members and the public, active support from corporate and organizations are equally important to us. Corporate can support our work via the following ways:

-    To donate and sponsor in our charitable activities
-    To encourage staff members to donate and participate in activities
-    To encourage staff members to form volunteer service teams and assist in the activities
-    To assist in promotions, to sponsor prizes and to provide technical supports in events.

Other than that, HKYWCA cordially invites corporate to encourage your staff to make donations to us regularly so that more resources can be injected to our social services.

In order to encourage active participations in donations from staff, corporate and organizations can consider providing donation matching scheme for employees’ charitable contributions, e.g. the staff donates HK$1 to HKYWCA and the corporate makes a matching contribution of HK$1 to us. This donation matching scheme serves as a recognition and encouragement to staff’s charitable acts, which can help to further increase their working morale and their sense of belonging to their company or organization.

Corporate can also consider donating a certain amount of the profits and encouraging staff to make a fixed amount of donation from their salary or bonus, so as to contribute to the society and to share love with people in need.

If you have any enquiries on fundraising activities or corporate donations, please contact our Communication and Resources Development Department at 3476 1305 or crdd@ywca.org.hk.