Volunteers are the invaluable assets of HKYWCA. We are committed to encouraging and supporting corporate and organizations to form volunteer service team or participate in volunteering as a contribution to the society. It can also help the corporate to build up a caring image and enhance the team spirit among your staff. Corporate can also encourage staff members and their family members to join voluntary services together to enhance family harmony.

In addition to voluntary services participations, corporate volunteers can also work with our professionals to plan and organize voluntary services or provide professional and technical assistance to our activities. We also provide volunteer orientations and trainings for corporate partners so as to increase their understanding towards voluntary services, as well as building up their confidence. In 2009-2010, 9,864 volunteers from HKYWCA contributed a total of 284,003 hours in our social services. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for their dedicated contributions.

Based on the philosophy of “Enhancement of Life”, HKYWCA encourages the volunteers to strike a balance in their moral, intellectual, physical and social development, so that a world with righteous, charity and peace can be established.

If you have any enquiries on our voluntary services, please contact our Communication and Resources Development Department at 3476 1305 or crdd@ywca.org.hk.